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  1. Password AVH Reset

    This totally worked for me....thanks! Used the rar version
  2. AVIC 8000NEX Background Animations

    LOL the question was filetype, not screen size. Did YOU even read this thread?
  3. About 1/6th the time I start my car, I get a bad screen on my 4100NEX (see pics). Restarting the car will usually fix it, though it happened 4x in a row yesterday so I'm pursuing this further. To add more info, it seems the unit is still functioning in the background. Music will still come on (whatever was playing last), and I can still navigate menus slightly via my memory of where buttons are supposed to be located. I can hear it BEEPING when I tap buttons. If I start my car and the screen loads normally....everything is fine! My unit is only about a month old. I've spoken with the shop that sold and installed it. Is this due for a replacement or can it be repaired? Thanks!
  4. AVIC 8000NEX Background Animations

    Bump...still nothing?
  5. It's a bit tedious trying to get background images to fit via trial & error, and I didn't see it in the manual. Does anybody know what the dimensions are (or just the ratio) to fit a background image nicely from edge-to-edge? Thanks! **EDIT: FOUND IT - 800 x 480 works great!!**