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  1. FOR AVIC-F10BT/F20BT/F920BT/F9210BT dont need put there new CARDINFO and VERINFO BUT THIS DONT TESTED!!!!!!
  2. UPDATE MAP 2015 TESTED ON F9220BT download here: https://mega.nz/#F!BJ43AQCD!T8eXW0zdXSpv5FGHo_V0pA 2015_European_Map_Updat (2.95GB) "cardinfo.cif" "verinfo.dat" unpack it with password: http://pastebin.com/y2cCdzrE Now go in folder 2015_European_Map...../.../SD drive/ and put there CARDINFO.CIF file and replace old one next go on ..../../SD drive/UPDATE folder and put there VERINFO.DAT file and replace old one UPDATE ARE READY FOR PUT IN SD CARD!!!!!!!!! (This are way for AVIC-F9220BT only!!!) Now FORMAT ur SD CARD: FAT32 and 16kB!!! after Format SD put there all from SD drive FOLDER. Now ready for update ur PIONEER AVIC: put SD CARD in RADIO and turn ur RADIO ON, after starting RADIO give u question if u will UPDATE SYSTEM(press OK) Now Question SYSTEM WILL BE RESTARTED(press OK) after RESTART will u see updating and 30min till end, and after 1min will be 22min. When will be 100% it will restart system and continue with 6/6 small updates system files. And if all completed, AVIC do restart and wellcome u new version of ur system and maps. Now u volte ur languange and voice language. THAT ARE ALL AND U NOW HAVE 2015 MAPS!!!
  3. EDITED: mine PIONEER AVIC-F9220BT was successfull updated! So next topic are how u can do it.
  4. F9220BT update - possile or not?

    Pioneer dont comunicate with Converse+, so all only on Pioneer screen u see. Update are posible with SD CARD, update file was here on forum. Check here forum for link(or ask too for reupload someone)
  5. Hi guys, so have pioneer avic 9220bt and with that update have problems too. Last tried update was with error (broken file) tested 2x and 2 another sd cards. Can some up that update please?