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  1. Carplay how to install

    I had the cable in USB 2 instead of 1 All works now
  2. Carplay how to install

    I have a 8200 NEX. I am trying to make carplay work. I have plugged into the USB1 cable to my iPhone and changed settings. It now sees an iPod and plays the musis ok but there is nothing that looks like carplay. What is the trick to making this work?
  3. 8200 bluetooth music and phone alerts

    How about the volume for the AV? If I am using google maps and have the volume turned down (the main audio volume) then I dont hear the google maps
  4. It seems as though to hear alerts from my iPhone I have to be set to bluetooth for the AV input. If I have the radio or some other source selected then I dont get any alerts. is there a trick to this?
  5. I just got my 8200 installed before a weekend trip. Wondering if I missed some setup or something. The iPhone I can simply speak and ask for an address and there it is. On the 8200 it seems to take forever to get the address search entered using the keyboard. Is there some better way? Also its very annoying saying something like "exit highway" when it means change to a different road. When I am in traffic I dont want to be staring at the small letters at the top of the screen to find out what the next directions are. On my Z2 (which I just replaced) at least it told you the name of the road that was coming up. So all the way home I used Google maps. Seems silly to have an expensive GPS system and not use it though. Any thoughts? Is there an update or something that I am missing?
  6. I just hooked up the rear camera and gave it power from the reverse light. But now I am wondering if there is a reason why I would ever want it on while not in reverse? Any thoughts? What did you do?
  7. Thinking about updating to a 8200 from a Z2. I have a Z2 (or Z3?) presently in my old 2000 Ford Excursion. I seem to remember buy an adapter cable from Ford to Pioneer, to hook that up. Should I just wire in the plug or is there adapters available? Is there anything else I need? I saw something about Maestro RR idatalink. Not sure what that is actually. Do I need that too?
  8. recommended camera

    I am finally going to switch out my old Z3 (I think thats the model) to the 8200. Thinking I will add a backup camera too. Any suggestions? I have a Ford Excursion and use it for towing a lot. It would be cool if the camera could show the trailer hitch too! Ideas? Thoughts?