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  1. Iphone 5 Cable?

    Hi Just bought a car with the AVIC X950BH model and trying to connect an iphone 6 to it....the BT works great as does the BT audio. I updated the firmware to 1.06. In the glove box is a standard USB connector and a 3.5mm jack I want to use the Lightning cable to be able to charge the phone as well as use the functions of the radio with the iphone. But when I connect via the standard apple Lightning connector, I get no audio. I bought the Apple Lighning Digital AV adaptor and same issue, I see the data (song title, artist, length of song etc) on the display of the head unit but no audio I just found/ read a Pioneer press release and it states... "The kit includes a 2-meter automotive grade HDMI cable, which handles all audio and video transfer between the Pioneer products and iPhone 5, and a 1.5-meter 17-pin to USB cable for charging iPhone 5. " Can someone confirm that the HDMI cable (which is not currently installed) carries the audio from the iphone to the head unit? If I have a USB connector already connected to the radio (and it does charge the phone) , do I need to buy the Pioneer accessory CDIH202 kit? Or do I just need to get a standard HDMI cable to connect the head unit to the Lightning Digital AV adaptor and then connect that to the iphone??? Thanks Paul