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  1. speedcam f930bt

    Hello. I've update to v6 (thanks avic411) and i would like to put speedcam on my device. I've paid an update on www.speedcamupdates.fr but i only see fixed speedcam and not all.... Where can i find a file of mobile and fixed speedcam for my f930bt ? Can i convert a file which is a (.txt,.csv....) and how ? Thanks a lot.
  2. igo on f930bt

    Yes. I saw this too. Anyone already do this on f930bt and how ? Thanks
  3. igo on f930bt

    Hi. It is possible to install igo on f930bt ? Thanks to you.
  4. Hi everybody. Sorry for my english i'm french. First thanks to you for help us/me to upgrade my f930bt. The new update works fine, i just have one big question.... Can someone help me to install speedcam mobile anf fixed of France ? I paid a file www.speedcamupdates.fr, i see fixed speedcam but not all, like the file was a 2010 release....and i don't see mobile speedcam. Where can i find an update of mobile and fixed speedcam update for my f930bt ? Can i download a file (.txt, .csv...) and convert it ? And how? Thanks everyone !