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  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 and Bluetooth - N4

    Well, my fix was USER ERROR. I forgot that you need to register the phone with the bluetooth device through the FUNCTION menu. It had been a while since I did that. I forgot that a user can "temporarly" connect to the bluetooth device. But to stay connected the phone has to be registered to the unit. Once I did that all is working perfectly.
  2. I have a Avic N4 with the BTB200. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. I can connect to the bluetooth but it will not retain the information when I turn off the vehicle. I need to reconnect every time. My previous phone (HTC Evo) did not suffer this issue. My guess is that the cell phone manufactures are moving away from older bluetooth technology and that is why my AVIC N4 does not keep a connection. Anyone else having this problem with their phone?
  3. BTB200 and Andriod

    Well, here is an update. I just purchased a NEW EVO 3D. This phone also has the Andriod operating system. My Hero was version 2.1. This phone is version 2.3. I decided to try something with my AVIC. I tried to pair the phone and IT WORKED! The big test was to see if it would maintain the pairing after turing off my truck and coming back to it later. Sure enough my EVO connects to my AVIC just fine. So I am back to hands free with my AVIC. It may not seem like much, but it is a nice feature to have. Obviously the phone book will not transfer, but that is ok.
  4. BTB200 and Andriod

    Anyone had any luck/problems with the Avic series (I have an N4) and an Android phone? My HTC Hero works fine with Bluetooth audio. Actually it works great. But when I tried to use the phone part, it will see the Hero, it will connect and then say unrecognized device. I can only assume it is the newer phone against an older Bluetooth device (the BTB200). Still it is strange that it works fine in Audio and not Phone. Norman
  5. BTB200 problem

    Thanks, yes I reset the AVIC also. I should have included that.
  6. BTB200 problem

    I have an AVIC N4 with a BTB200. My bluetooth worked fine for a while. I was not driving the vehicle much when the problem must have developed. 1. The phone will not connet when I get in the vehicle and start it. 2. I always have to manually connect the phone. 3. It will not always connect. I have tried a few different model phones always with the same result. These same phones connect fine to other bluetooth units (I have a Parrott 6100 in my other vehicle and it works great!). 4. I tried changing out the BTB200, same issue. 5. Made sure that the BTB200 has constant power when the vehicle is off. 6. Reconneted all cables to the master box. Even unhooked XM module and connected ONLY the BTB200, same issue. The only conclusion I can draw is that something might be wrong with the main AVIC box that is not allowing the BTB200 to work correctly. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

    I think my son made a change to my N4. It is not a major problem. The SUB DISPLAY (LED Readout) fades after doing anything. If I change the volume it shows it for a couple of seconds and then fades to black. How do I turn it back on? I don't want it to fade out. I have looked through the manual with no resolution. Thanks, Norman
  8. CD-BTB200 & Bluetooth Phone Compatibility Guide

    Service Provider: Sprint Phone: Samsung A940 SW Version: Auto-Connect: Yes Basic Function: Yes Phone Book Transfer: NO Voice Calling: Yes Signal & Battery Strength Indicator: NO/NO BT Audio Capable: YES Service Provider: Sprint PCS Phone: Palm Centro (Red) SW Version: Auto-Connect: NO Basic Function: NO Phone Book Transfer: NO Voice Calling: NO Signal & Battery Strength Indicator: NO/NO BT Audio Capable: No,
  9. N1 and Bluetooth

    Is anyone using (successfully) bluetooth with their Avic N1? I have seen 2 different adapters and can only assume the correct one is the CD-BTB200. However, I don't see any information on the Pioneer site that references Bluetooth and the N1. Other models yes, but not this one. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Norman