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  1. OK we had a new one. installed a Z2 in a 2007 Dodge Ram with the infinity system and it seems something is not right. The voice does not work for nav and all speaker work but not if you fade them. only when on 0. What needs to be done?
  2. thank you sir........ I do a lot of these in Dodges.....
  3. in my dodge, I only have the standard antenna plug, as well as the wire harness. thats it. no secondary plug set up. Which is why I was wondering...
  4. I am installing a Z2 and I have factory Sirius in my truck. I am curious as I see no antenna cable for the factory antenna and do not want to install another antenna on the vehicle. How can I use the factory antenna? Is it possible? I have the one large plug and one small plug on my factory wiring. I am guessing the small plug is for the steering wheel or sirius stuff. Any ideas? is the sirius tuner somewhere else on my truck and not built into the radio?
  5. Z2 bypass

    Everything I read says Z1. I am looking for what needs to be done to do this on a new Z2. I am assuming they have hacks for both not needing the parking brake and being able to use it while moving.
  6. Avic Z2 in Las Vegas??

    we can get it done for you
  7. also, any idea on the vss wire or whatever it is?
  8. who makes the interface will need? part number? manufacture? what is different from what I have?
  9. i bought the interface for the ram it is a metra number 70-6502
  10. I have hooked up the basic wiring from the pioneer nav unit to the factory plug via a harness I purchased which makes for easy splicing. The truck had two plugs in it a large one and a small one. The small one does not seem to be needed why? I also hooked it all up and there is nothing happening. No power no nothing. I have not hooked up the speed sensor wire as of yet. Where does that go to? also the parking brake wire... where does it go? I thought once all the power wires and speakers wires were plugged in to the unit via the main plug that it would work. at least show me power and I see nothing....