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  1. Appradio 4 sph-da120

    Anybody? I took the sd card out the unit and it is definitely corrupted I tried three different card readers and it never appears so I cant even get into it. Next im going to put the firmware upgrade on a new sd card and install it to0 see if the head unit comes back to life if that doesn't work in the garbage it goes and I will buy kenwood from now on.
  2. So out of nowhere I get the software error message on mu head unit. I have searched and searched with no luck on a fix. I cant send the unit back to pioneer cause I have no paperwork for the head unit. My question is this... Can I take the internal sd card that has the software on it out and replace it with a new one that has the firmware update on it? Im at a loss of what to do, can someone help point me in the right direction.