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  1. X9310bt nag screen / map update walk through anyone?

    Sorry but I need some help. 1) I downloaded 2015 USA CANADA MAP UPDATE.zip from BlakeStone's link. 2) I unzipped everything into a micro SD card. The FIRMWARE and UPDATE folders are on the top level of the card. i.e. FIRMWARE and UPDATE don't fall under a parent folder. Note: does the SD card need to be in a specific format? FAT32 vs NTFS etc. 3) I then inserted the card into my X9310BT (Canadian Forester XT, 2012). The screen shows "this SD card does not work on this device" or something like that. 4) I tried replacing the CARDINFO.cif file (from Silenius's first post). 5) Back to step #3. No luck. Any idea what I did wrong? Any help's appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Edit: Figured it out. SD card needs to be formatted to FAT32 (I think that's the fix... at least it worked for me).