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  1. AVIC x100 backup camera

    Hello all - first post. Recently my backup camera began acting strangely. The symptom is that the camera will come on when I enter reverse, but when I shift to drive the camera stays on. This worked for almost a year perfectly before this new symptom. Also, tell tale signs that something has changed - This seemed (keyword) to occur when Android Auto required an very recent update on the phone side. I know the two aren't technically connected, but it is coincidental. BTW - all this happened in the last 30 days or so. The screen on the backup camera used to be just the view of the camera. This was when it worked perfectly. Now, when the camera comes on, there is a symbol in the top left of a clock type icon, and and X in an icon on the top right. IF you touch the clock, the camera goes off, and things resume okay. then 15 seconds later the camera comes back on. Clearly this is a 'delay for 15 seconds' button. If I touch the X button, the camera goes off, and never comes back on. In the camera settings, you find the camera is now turned off - as if someone permanently set it that way. VERY odd! More notes, I took apart the dash and tested the backup sensor wire. It gets 12 volts always, and grounds when in park. This switches correctly if you shift in/out of park so not likely a source of the problem. Further info, When I first connected my phone to the unit last year, it was uneventful. It went easy and smooth for the android auto. Now, you have to be in Park to connect a new phone!? This is likely a change to Android auto right? I had to tear out the dash and wire up the Parking brake which I didn't do the first time around as it was unnecessary. I know you can just ground it out temporarily but I figured why fight it. I wired it correctly and reassembled my dash. Lastly, I saw an upgrade to 1.07 firmware on another post. I'm all for upgrades, but that 1.07 - is there possible value? Have other Avic 8100NEX users done it and feel comfortable? The lastest says "1.07G" is that what others have used? I don't want to upgrade if it could break things, and/or has no value for my problems listed above. Many thanks for your shared wisdom. JIm Shimota Happy with his Pioneer 8100 until recently. I use Android Auto, BlueTooth and USB connected Android phone, a Metra 70-5520 Receiver Wiring Harness, and a PAC SWI-RC Steering Wheel Control Adapter and it really does work great!