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  1. MHL not working?

    Maybe its a phone issue, not a Pioneer issue. I'm starting to think the phone doesn't support MHL? http://www.mhltech.org/devices.aspx
  2. MHL not working?

    I have a AVIC7200 and have been trying to get this appradio to work. I bought the CD-AH200 MHL kit, and can't get an image on screen. I have an ASUS ZenFone 3 with the USB C port. and of course I have the connectivity issue: I have now purchased 3 of the listed cables and none correct the issue. I just can not get an image on the screen. I've also read that the CD-AH200 is a horible device, but what are the other "successful" options out there for USB C users? Thanks Chris P.S. pretty pissed that I spent $1500 on a new deck, $400 on a phone, and about $200 in MHL adapter and cables without getting the advertised features. Please help me Pioneers issue: https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/Android+Auto+not+working+for+newer+USB+Type-C+phones+(including+Pixel)
  3. AVIC-8200NEX Incompatible USB

    I have the same problem, although Android Auto works through the USB cable?! (Bluetooth works too) - Doesn't matter what cable I use... https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/Android+Auto+not+working+for+newer+USB+Type-C+phones+(including+Pixel)
  4. Flash update - HOW?!

    Thank you, I got it updated. Bad news is, its still not working. I can't understand why I can not browse my music files... just randomly select songs off my entire collection?! So, Android auto is working through the USB, and bluetooth does work, but I still don't have access to my music. When the little bars light up, and I select them, it shows a folder, of "MUSIC2" There is no MUSIC2 folder on my device? Do I need to create one, and put my music in there?
  5. Flash update - HOW?!

    sigh... this is so frustrating... Can't flash the device, and can't use my phone over USB $1200 bucks down the drain? Please help!
  6. Flash update - HOW?!

    It is, the NEX is seeing the USB drive, and can see the files, as it tells me 'only the update file' has to be on it. Thanks,
  7. Flash update - HOW?!

    I have an AVIC7200NEX, It has Ver 1.01 BIOS on it. I would like to update to 1.04. I downloaded the files, extracted them to the root of USB drive, connected to USB port 1. Continued through the menus to the firmware update, and it tells more only the update file must be on the USB. There's a bunch of folders and files in the extracted zip. So, what is the file needed to flash 1.04? (and then the bluetooth as well?) Thanks,
  8. Stuck on format read

    Just came cross this: https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/Android+Auto+not+working+for+newer+USB+Type-C+phones+(including+Pixel) But android auto is working, just wont format read. - What folder should music be placed into? I currently have them in a 'music' folder on the SD card.
  9. Stuck on format read

    Hello, hopefully someone can help me with this? I just got a Asus Zenfone 3, and plugged it into a AVIC-7200NEX. It come up with the 'Format read, do not remove" warning. and seems to do nothing. (I had it plugged in for almost 3 hours) Bluetooth works, Android Auto works (well, if you want to call it that) But as soon as I disable AA, and try to listen to music through the USB, it goes back to 'Format Read' AA to me is absolutely worthless when it come to listening to music. There is no way to navigate your music collection, except, next random song... unless there is a hidden button/feature I'm not aware of. Either way, I'm stuck on format read, anyone help? (It's a USB C connection if that makes and difference) Thanks
  10. Back up Camera install gone bad

    This is the camera I picked up: Esky EC170-25 https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00XTZUHOM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'll admit I never read the instructions... I hooked the black wire to ground, and the red wire to the reverse lead on the radio. I never thought there would be such detrimental affect on the radio! Either way, there was nothing I could find to restore the radio, I've only had it a little over 3 weeks, and warranty will look into it. I'll just be without a stereo for a few weeks. Hard lesson learned
  11. Not too sure what what I've done, but I guess I messed things up. Tried to install a backup camera, and I never even got a picture. I wired the black wire to ground, and the reverse gear signal wire to the to the red camera wire. The yellow VGA cable to the brown hookup behind the stereo. Powered up, but could not get a picture going. So I started messing with the settings, and turned the rear camera on. Still no picture... Tried a couple different settings, and still nothing, double checked wires... everything looked good. I got a little frustrated and walked away. Came back an hour later, and now when I turn the car on (AVIC-7200NEX) You hear the system self test, then a black screen with the saying, the image maybe reversed... From there, I can do NOTHING. The buttons don't work and the screen doesn't change (car is in neutral) I unplugged the camera and power harness waited a few minutes, plugged the harness back in, but no change. I left the camera unplugged and disconnected the reverse gear wire. So the unit powers on, the buttons don't respond, and a black screen with the text "Camera image may be reversed" is shown. help?!
  12. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    It 'kinda' worked on my 7200. The little menu came up, and I was able to disable. But about 2-3 minutes later it tells me it has detected that the cable is incorrectly grounded. I have it grounded to a metal cross beam behind the dash. - Would I be better off just using the black grounding wire for the radio?
  13. AVICSYNC and no cell phone

    UPDATE: Please delete this post, through a stroke of luck, I was able to see a couple extra menu commands through a UTube video I did not notice. Also, the unit would not see (or allow) the SD card I had (I tried 3 of them!) I finally tried with a USB stick and I was able to get the unit activated. WOW What a pain... one would think it would be an easier process. Thanks! Chris ----- Okay, I've been fighting with this half the night now. I've google and searched, and came up empty handed. I just purchased a AVIC-7200-NEX tonight and got it installed in the car. Discovered the maps are 2 years old, so I started looking into getting them updated. Found the maps are provide by HERE, and you need the APP: Naviextras Toolbox to update... But through the toolbox, I can not connect, I can not log in, I can't view any maps, I can't do anything! I tried to install AVICSYNC on my Android table, but its not compatible (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - not a phone) It installed on My Ipad Mini 4 (No cellular) but wont connect through CARPLAY. (although it connects and plays all my audio and video - and sounds AMAZING) So now I'm at a loss. There has to be a way to update the maps without cell phone? I tried to plug in a SD card, but I see no way of getting the required info to save from the stereo to activate it with the toolbox software. Help? I'm I SOL without a cell phone?