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  1. BTW condi hack mode hasent been working since 920bt if im not mistaking
  2. I belive i made myself clear with my warning, butI can edit if you would like...
  3. WARNING: FOR DEV PURPOSES ONLY. DO NOT INSTALL IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! YOU CAN DAMAGE AND BRICK YOUR DEVICE! AND DO NOT COME POST "I BROKE MY DEVICE HELP ME!!!" IF YOU DIDENT NOT FOLLOW PREVIOUS WARNING!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------- So i was able to run condi hack on a x950 upgraded from a x930, running firmware 6.0 (from the forum with 2015 map update....) After fiddling with my unit a bit, i discovered that the /SDMMC reference was outdated. So after some modification to condi's .msrc scripts.... I updated all references to /SD from /SDMMC. I also changed all reference to PRG1 from PRG0 to suit my needs. Result: Condi hack working on 6.0 I will not post files right to prevent end users from trying it out and I will post pictures later ------------------ Have fun