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  1. F900BT Unit. I have tried everything i believe i can through piecing together what i can from the various forums. Initial problem was systems boots then goes dark. I messed up initially and updated wince without backing up like a moron. So i found what seemed to be the US backup. WinCE update then added backup and then tried to update from pioneer site download. That did nothing. Stayed on splash screen. Then tried to follow the instructions from the format MBR/SDMLC forum but the main files are no longer active on pirate bay and using what i could piece together did not do anything either. Still stays on splash. I'm at a loss. I know i can fix this, i just need the proper files for a specific instruction. If anyone out there could possibly help at all it would be much appreciated. Thank you for anyone who responds haha
  2. Okay so my unit had the typical boot then dark so i discovered this site which has been extremely helpful. But since it seems most people have moved on from here, almost every link is no longer working. The one link that i was able to find and use seemed great. WinCE upgrade went fine, booted up in Testmode just fine and copied the files into the proper folder. Now, after rebooting i am given and 'installation error: LocalLanguage Failed". After hours of combing through the site, i havent seen any similar problems with solutions and any other link is not working. I have a f900bt by the way and really would love to be able to fix this. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you for anyone who is still out there that might be able to help me or provide me with another update i can use.