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  1. 4000NEX playback from last position

    I would actually like it if it was in shuffle mode but every time I start up my vehicle the same song plays in the same order. No matter if I had shuffle selected before I turned the vehicle off. Any suggestions?
  2. Since "trying" to update to latest firmware, I have noticed that everytime I turn on my car, pioneer scans the USBdrive and starts playing from the first file on the USB Drive. Before the update, 4000nex use to continue to play from the last position and song that was on before I turned off my engine and opened my door. Has anybody experienced this and knows how to correct this? "Try"- I said try because I got the famous firmware update error screen and could not properly boot the device. After multiple attempts and different usb drives and sd cards, I was able to install the firmware and have a usable device but the firmware still shows as 1.04 instead of the 1.14. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    I have the 4000 nex and tried to update the firmware from 1.03 to the latest 1.14. I tried both on usb and sd card but cannot get it to upgrade. When it scans the device it detects the new firmware and states that it will upgrade from 1.03 to 1.14 but upon starting the update the progress screen shows updating 1.14 >>>1.14. After the process is complete and it reboots I check the firmware version and it states that it is still on 1.03. When I updated the bluetooth firmware, it did upgrade. Does anybody know how I can resolve this issue?