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    Hello Folks Well I joined here after searching for over 4+hrs on gogles without sucess, and it seems that here cant help me also. I'll try once more and if I cant get hel then it looks as if i gotta buy a new pioneer set. I have AVIC-MRZ088 unit.............Its ALL in Japanese. I live in the Philippines now and brought the Honda car with this unit jn it I'm English, and cannot read Japanese, even trying to get some words translated is near immposible (for finding out what version I have, so I can download the correct firmware.) I need help please How to find which map version I have, and as Im in the Philippines does it really have to update maps (Im sure my friends over @ Piratebay can help with that...LOL) Can I reset the unit and then from the start screen change the language to English, or...do i have to download firmware in English? I read on here that a member installed firmware 3 for a avic-f900bt, and it worked but he lost maps. Please folks.....ANY help would be appreciated Thanks in advance MODS If I posted in the wrong section forgive me as Im getting desperate
  2. Well I have a AVIC MRZ088 in JAPANESE When I brought the car the owner said "Oh dont worry about the stereo unit just upgrade it from the internet" How wrong was he. I cant even find the 'settings' button I know the unit can read English as when I insert the USB a list of the songs come up in English I would like to upgrade/firmware/software (whatever i have to do) the unit to English Im not that stupid when it comes to files etc etc but i notice I have to back-up files using the winCE files, but lke I said i cant even find the settings button as EVERYTHING is in japanese Can someone, anyone please advice or help