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  1. Need help, Z140BH infinite loop

    Sorry for the late reply, been busy lately. Current FW is 4.0. I restored the HU to factory settings but the contacts and the favorite POIs on the map is still there. Is there anyway to reset this HU like it was newly bought? Even the bluetooth device that was registered before me was still there after the restore. Haven't tried to disconnect power, I'll try to do it later
  2. Need help, Z140BH infinite loop

    What are the pros and cons of doing the parking brake bypass? Will it allow me to use some of the features of my HU? I noticed even AppRadio is not working, the unit detects the iPhone but everytime I launch AppRadio on my iPhone it doesn't mirror link to the HU
  3. Need help, Z140BH infinite loop

    My Z140BH is now alive lol! I used the supertestmode key and added prg file and it worked. One thing I noticed though, some of the settings are greyed out. I'll attach the photo I took later when I get back to my computer
  4. Need help, Z140BH infinite loop

    It worked! Thanks so much RonS for the help!
  5. Need help, Z140BH infinite loop

    Hi RonS, thanks for the reply. I was able to download and use the supertestmodekey and was able to access the test mode on my HU. I will check the youtube link on how to navigate through testmode. I also noticed that I do not have the PRG file you mentioned on one of the post here. I will try that and will update this thread.
  6. I just recently bought a used car with this head unit and I noticed that it's stuck at the Pioneer logo. I thought probably it was not updated so I updated it to the latest firmware (5.1) but it did not fix the issue. I tried searching through this forum on how to enter testmode but to no avail. Is this unit bricked? I have no idea what the previous owner did to this head unit.