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  1. forgot password, cant access sd/dvd slot

    sorted this myself using a single txt (1kb text file) cant believe how easy it was to hack this thing!!! considering it is brand new, makes a joke of the security really would be useless against crims, thus only joe public affected
  2. i have an avh-x8800bt, i fixed the ac unit today thus dc'd the battery, on recon password prompt, i didnt set up a password so I am quite stuck, i cant work out how to access the sd/dvd slot as the eject button doesnt work on boot or the password screen!!!, help please! fyi the slots are behind the screen holder so removing the screen doesnt help
  3. +1 for heat, check you connections are secure/soldered/crimped properly.
  4. AVIC x50 Hack General Topic

    Hi all, concious this is an old thread, hoping someone will be able to assist, how do i get into test mode n an avh-x8800bt, seems the password i used no longer works.....