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  1. Backup of internal SD for NEX 8200

    Ok, thanks. Will do.
  2. Backup of internal SD for NEX 8200

    Hi, I now did a backup of the NOR and the internal SD card. I also put the AVIC.img on a 16 GB SDHC card. The image size was 15.817.768.960 bytes. I used Win32DiskImager for this. Now I opened the top of my 8200 NEX unit, but do not see the internal SD card. Do I need to get that board out, which I can see from the top ?
  3. Backup of internal SD for NEX 8200

    Thank you !
  4. 8200NEX USB read problems (way too slow)

    Hmm, I have a 128 GB on USB2 connected to my 8200 NEX. It plays the music quite fast (the last song, which was playing before I turned off the unit). but it takes a long time to read the structure again, which makes my unit almost freezing sometimes. At least using the controls is very 'laggy'.
  5. Backup of internal SD for NEX 8200

    Just one more dummy question: That image is a protected/encrypted one, right ? If I dd it back on a backup sd card, will it then work, if plugged into the internal sd card slot ? Sorry for this dumb question.
  6. Backup of internal SD for NEX 8200

    Thank you. I was not sure, whether this was also working for the x200 units. Somewhere there was a thread with firmware versions and scripts, where the x200 units had been mentioned.
  7. Hi, I will get my 8200 this weekend and thought, it would be a good idea to have a backup of the internal SD card. Is this possible with the DEV MOD ? I thought, I saw some script here for the x200 series, but I am no more able to find it. Thanks in advance for your answer !!