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  1. Firmware update headache

    You'd think so but I reformatted those drives a few times each. I even wiped every partition on them and created a new FAT32 (and FAT16 just for grins) partition from scratch--and it was the only partition on the drive. Just a quick update to that... I went back and used one of the SanDisks for the 1.14 update and it worked. So I really have no idea. Got the Bluetooth updated too thanks Spec... So now I'm all up-to-date and working... and have a whole bunch of flash drives laying around with Pioneer firmware on them lol. Thanks guys.
  2. Firmware update headache

    Yeah I saw that post... that's where I was playing around with folder names thinking maybe that was the problem. But guess what? And I have no explanation for this... I went over to Target and picked up a Lexar USB drive... 8 GB. Formatted as FAT32 using Partition Manager (deleting what was on it completely and adding a brand new partition). Copied the files directly to the USB drive using 7zip as to not have to move/copy anything after the extraction was done. Went into my car, expecting it to not work to be totally honest... and then it worked! Plugged into what my installer labeled as "1" (so at least I know that's right) and sure enough the "Reading..." flashed way longer than it ever did before and then went into the process. Of course I ended up using 1.11 so now I have to go do 1.14.....maybe.... lol. That makes zero sense. The brand really shouldn't matter because I'm reformatting it the same. I followed the same process I did with my 4 GB Sandisk (and the 8, and the 32 lol). I'm pretty sure that I've tried extracting the files directly to the flash drive but...maybe not...I tried so many things. I really just don't know.... I'll let you guys know if the 1.14 update goes the same. I may first try to extract the files the way that I did before, rather than straight to the flash drive...in the interest of science.
  3. Firmware update headache

    Thanks guys. Duke, I've done exactly what you've said... at first I screwed up by copying the files out of the (in my case) AVIC5000NEX folder into the root of the USB drive. I learned quickly that you actually have to copy the AVIC5000NEX folder itself onto the root and leave the files inside it alone. I've been trying things that way ever since. I have tried both USB ports with no joy. SpecTrax, thanks a lot you had me pretty enthusiastic that an older firmware might work. I tried 1.11. I even then downloaded WinRAR (though I had started to use 7zip as an alternative to the built in Windows method). And then I even downloaded the Partition Manager program you posted to format the drive as FAT32. Can you believe this... still no luck!!! I thought for sure I was going to get it this time. I just don't understand how I could be doing anything differently. Oh and thanks for the tip on the Bluetooth--yeah hopefully if I ever get to that point. I'll keep tinkering I guess but I'm running out of combinations of things to try. The only thing left maybe is that all of my USB drives are SanDisk. I have one non-SanDisk drive but it's too small. Maybe I'll run out and pick up a cheap non-SanDisk drive and see what happens.
  4. Firmware update headache

    Yeah I've been using what I assumed was USB1 because my installer labeled the cable that way. Just in case, since I hadn't tried it, I just tried plugging in the USB drive to what was labeled as "2" just in case the installer accidentally swapped them... still no luck.
  5. Firmware update headache

    I'm surprised I only see just a couple of posts "sort of" close to the issue I'm having and the ones that are there seem to have some really strange resolutions... I'm an intelligent person and this one just escapes me. Has anyone been successful in updating an AVIC-8000NEX running 1.01 FW to the latest 1.14? Or even making a jump from 1.01 to the version just before 1.14? I cannot get my unit to recognize that I have a FW update on my USB stick or SD card. It recognizes the actual devices and I've tried three different USB drives (4 GB, 8 GB, and 32 GB) and one SD card (8 GB). So here's what I've tried so far, with every time the unit saying "Update file error" along with make sure the update file is the only thing on the USB drive blah blah... Downloaded the correct AVIC-8000NEX firmware file from the Pioneer firmware website. Unzipped the file using a Windows 8.1 PC (and the built-in zip extraction) onto a 32 GB USB flash drive (formatted FAT32 like instructions say) exactly as is (AVIC5000NEX folder being the only thing on the drive). Tried to update... failed with error above. Thinking 32 GB was too large, I switched to an 8 GB drive, repeating the same process, same error. After some research I came across two possibilities, that maybe FAT16 was better than FAT32, and that there might be an issue with hidden files/folders. Tried deleting the hidden "System Volume Information" folder... same error. Tried formatting as FAT16 instead of FAT32... same error. Tried a 4 GB drive... same error. Then I got a Windows 7 PC and re-downloaded the firmware from the website, tried all of the above, all resulted in the same error. I went and grabbed an 8 GB SD card, formatted it, copied the folder from the zip file onto it... same error. I downloaded 7zip to use a different program to unzip the zip file, used both the USB drive and SD card... same error. The last thing I've tried now is I've seen the "AVIC5000NEX" folder named slightly different either in forums or even the 1.14 update documentation--in one of the posts on this site I've seen it called "AVICNEX5000" which was likely just a typo by the author, but then in the documentation it shows "AVIC-5000NEX" as the folder name. So I tried renaming the folder to either one of those... same error. I sent Pioneer an message from their support website a couple days ago, haven't heard from them--wondering if I will anyway. Guess I'll probably have to call their support number on Monday but I just can't believe I can't get this figured out. It's either that you can't make the jump from 1.01 to 1.14 (which I doubt because they don't make any of the intermediate updates available) or I'm missing something completely stupid. Anyone run into anything remotely close to this? I'll take any and all ideas that I haven't tried yet. Thanks.