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  1. 8500 nex questions need advice

    Thanks bonee. I have always been an apple person. I know what when wireless aa came out it was only select phones. Galaxy 9 will do wireless?
  2. Hello there! Looking to buy tomorrow a avic 8500 nex for my accord. I have a couple questions about the unit and my phone. I have the galaxy 9 1. Any issues that I can expect with the most current firmware of the pioneer that I need to look out for? 2. I assume that since I have the galaxy 9 I have to use wired aa? 3. What do I need to watch Netflix etc. using the hdmi for my galaxy? 4. Do I need to hook up the vss wire? thanks in advice!!! david
  3. New nex eq gray out

    Hello, im an installer and I have now noticed a couple problems here recently with the new nex models with v8.26 ( I believe this is correct) and actually a 8201 with current v1.07 tonight not being able to access the control of the eq UNLESS I’m on the had radio. EVERY other source it is grayed out. I have talked to other stereo shops and they too are having intermittent issues. Also, being able to go back from CarPlay to iPod mode. Gives some kind of error. I did talk to pioneer and the guy was surprised and didn’t hear of such a thing. He also while I was on the phone plugged his phone up to their 8200 and had no issues. He said he would log it and pass it along. Basically all of my display units are doing the same thing. I did open up a new box and I looked at the firmware and it had 8.28 BUT when I went to pioneers site it wasn’t listen. Maybe it’s coming out???? Is this the firmware of the phone that people are talking about making it “broken”? Anyone heard of this or know of a fix. Using apple cables and usb that comes with radio. Tried different cables and processes of plugging phone in and doesn’t seem to help. Thoughts? thanks David
  4. Sorry if in wrong spot but need help and new here. Ash-x491bhs and iPhone. Set phone to iPhone and USB. All works well but won't launch Spotify. Button to browse and eq is greyed out. I can listen to it via iPod but don't have full control. So I change to bt. Same thing but it says disconnected or failed. Can stream but have to be on bt audio. I want full control from the radio. Need help I think it's a setting. Pandora works instantly and everything else does too. Spotify not so much. Please help and any help greatly appreciated in advance