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  1. Yes I did and it is the same no matter on firmware or map version. SOLVED by replacing RAM. Now the unit does not restart by itself and all options are available. Thank you, RonS.
  2. Yes, I shorted black and light green wires together, because cannot enter any advanced menu. Still I think that problem is in the USER folder but cannot find any backup as I did with my previous unit (F90BT). Unfortunately the folder structure is not same with F920.
  3. I did that. On most devices it is a light green wire connected to GND.
  4. I just got a unit with bricked software. I loaded testmode onto SD and realized that someone tried using HackMode... However, it loads now after repairing av.exe and some other files but many options are disabled (like basic configuration, bluetooth... etc) because it seems that some files and folders are still missing. I need a backup from the similar unit so I would be grateful If someone can help. Thank you very much in advance and I hope I am not asking a lot since this is my very first post. Cheers! nand.txt