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  1. Need help with avic z110bt

    Hi Ron, Yes the volume and track buttons do work. I have the stereo apart for the 10th time. Just triple checking all soldering points. everything looks good and clean. the dvd drive works when i supply power to the motor. i can get the face open when my screw driver. and i did download the file you send already. I can get into the menu but when i select the one for hard buttons, its just blank. no writing at all. I didnt buy it from ebay, I got it from a pick and pull. $150 and I got the avic z110bt and all cables, Alpine flip down10'' monitor, 3 Jl audio amps and 2 alpine typr r subs. The car was just bought from auction and I was the first one there. I'm not into it for alot of money it's just driving me crazy why half the unit works. even the touch screen works flawless!!
  2. I just bought this stereo and I'm have problems with the front buttons. The home,menu snd eject don't work. I read others had this issue but can't seem to find a fix. Can anyone help? Also it has the mute wire bypass by moving it over 1 spot. When I power the stereo I get a custom ford splash screen then it goes into the nav screen. Once I leave the nav screen I can't get back to it because the home and menu bottons don't work. But when I hook it up without bypass it makes no difference? Any help would be awesome