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  1. AVH-4200NEX issue with detaching faceplate

    I definitely agree that it is temperature related. We got some colder temperatures for about a week and the problem went away, only to return once it warmed up again. I now make sure to use the A/C when I know I'm going to remove the faceplate and never have problems. Still it is strange that the motor for the faceplate works fine when the faceplate is connected, regardless of temperature. Only when the faceplate is disconnected does it give me trouble. I suspect that the angle I have the stereo mounted might be contributing to the issue as well. The stock mounts for the stereo in my Mazda6 put the stereo at a significant upwards angle, possibly more than the 30 degrees they recommend. I'm working on getting it level and will report back if that helps at all. How level is the stereo mounted in your Jeep? I have checked if it is rubbing against anything and it definitely isn't. Like I said, this is only an issue when I remove the faceplate. Everything moves fine when it's still connected.
  2. I have a brand new AVH-4200NEX installed in my 2012 Mazda 6 that is having an issue. Sometimes when I eject the faceplate, the tray that it connects to won't retract to it's upright position. I pop the faceplate off and I can hear it trying to retract but it soon gives up and beeps at me 3 times. If I put the faceplate back on it retracts no problem. Try again and I get the same issue. Hitting the reset button didn't help. This is the second unit that has had this problem. The first one lasted about 2 weeks before this started happening. I returned it for a new unit which lasted 3 days before the exact same issue returned. It doesn't seem to be getting stuck on the dash kit at all, as any other movement of the faceplate works fine. I see nothing in the manual about a 3 beep error code and I have only found 2 comments on youtube mentioning the same problem. Does anyone have any insight into what is wrong or know what the 3 beeps are trying to tell me?