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  1. I purchased a used N3 a few years back from a seller on eBay who assured me it was working before he removed it prior to selling his car. For a number of reasons I never got around to installing it until this weekend. When I powered it up for the first time I could toggle between the radio and Bluetooth phone modes but that's about it. The radio works fine using the tune up/down buttons but the display will not open so there's not much I can do with the unit other than listen to the radio. Pressing the display open/close button gets me a beep but not action, pressing it again gets another beep with a slightly different tone but still not action from the display, not even any noise from the motor. Is this consistent with a broken GXX1257 flex cable or am I missing something obvious related to the unit being run for the first time after having been in storage for years? Is there any way I can manually pull open the display without breaking anything, if only to test the N3's many functions? Thanks for any information you can provide. Colin