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  1. AVIC Z130BT Tuner issue

    I'm in Vancouver BC Canada, sending it out seems expensive, there is a local shop, supposedly one of the best in town to deal with electronics, where would I have to send to if I decide to send it out? I think Toronto has a Pioneer repair center
  2. AVIC Z130BT Tuner issue

    Also this only happens once the vehicles been running for a while, turned off and turned back on. First thing in the morning or after a long while off it's fine, once you change the station or use another mode and then go back to the radio this starts.
  3. AVIC Z130BT Tuner issue

    Hey everyone, problem still exists, battery disconnect for over an hour, I'll upload a video
  4. AVIC Z130BT Tuner issue

    Hi RonS, I radio had worked fine since 2010 up until a few months ago, I can tune it manually but it'll just go back to what it was on within seconds, I'll give the battery a disconnect and see if it changes anything.
  5. AVIC Z130BT Tuner issue

    Hello everyone, I have an issue with my Z130BT that I've owned since 2010 and have recently been having issues with the tuner menu, the presets on the right side of the screen continuously scrolls only to stop at the last preset it was on and then it continues to scroll again stopping at the same preset. it continues that until I shut off the vehicle, and even then its a hit and miss if it does it again upon starting with the HU powered down and powered back up. Everything else works fine and has had the most up to date firmware on it as of a month ago though the problem existed before the update. I was really hoping the update would fix it but nope... Any idea whats causing that?