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  1. AppRadio 4 display problem

    So I have searched far and wide and have yet to find anyone with my issue and you great people are my last hope. I have an sph-da120 and recently the display started to just be really dim no matter what I did to the brightness. then a few weeks ago the display went out completely. The initial loading screen pops up but as soon as it gets past that it just goes black. All the functions still work and I can still hear beeps when I press on the screen but nothing pops up. A few days ago the screen came back to life. Everything was good and it was normal brightness and everything. Then yesterday it wouldn't play audio through my phone and the screen went blank again. It comes on with the loading screen then as soon as it gets past that it just goes dark. I copied the firmware to a new sd card thinking it was an issue with that but its exactly the same. I would take it somewhere and have it serviced but there are no shops in the town I live in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.