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  1. 8000 NEX Head end not playing AVI videos

    Sorry brain fart, it was FLV format. I will check the AV output settings, but the output is fine as the back screens, playing through the unit, are playing the movies fine. Sound is great through the unit as well, just not playing on the Pioneer unit screen.
  2. I have loaded up my hard drive with music, movies, and audio books. Aside from the horrible way that it reads and lists files and folders, it works ok. Meaning i can scroll through them, hit the button for audio/video and it "works" Problem is that I get no video on the head end unit. (Yes I have Bypassed it and DVD's work perfect while driving) Funny thing is when playing a movie (AVI format) the sound works great and it plays on the rear screens both on the Mirror and USB1 or USB2 setting for the rear. It does not play video on the head end......... Any suggestions? All i get is the background on the main screen. It also does the same thing when the back screens are off by the way, sound only no video on the screen. Made for a great trip for the kids, sucked for me and my wife....... thanks