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  1. Custom Backround Request

    Does anyone know if it's possible to add a background image to the USB2 square at the bottom-right of the screen when your phone is plugged in and android auto is running? It's just an ugly grey square with "USB2" in it...
  2. Custom Backround Request

    Dude, these are so money thanks! Could you try a second collage with the corsa and srt8 logos switched, please? Thanks, again. Oh, initially I tried the 800x480,but ended up with black bars on the left and right. I'll try the other poster's suggestion to play with picture adjustment... Thanks for that idea, sports.
  3. Custom Backround Request

    New guy here struggling with his backgrounds for a 4200NEX head unit. I'd like the attached 300c in a background that will fill the entire screen. I've tried 922x480 and 800x480, but end up with black bars along the sides with each resolution I've tried. Can you make one using the attached 300c phot that fills the 4200NEX screen? Also, I'd like to use a collage-like pic using the 3 attached logo photos laid out on the carbon background you used above for the 93Aero pic...I don't care about placement and am interested in how you might lay it out. Thanks so much for doing this work, I hope I'm not asking too much...
  4. SRT8