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  1. Avic-5000nex keep loading

    Good afternoon, does anybody has an idea where i can find a copy of the 5000nex sd-card. thanks
  2. Avic-5000nex keep loading

    Good evening, I hope i will fing someone to help here i have been looking a lot today around in some of the other topics to fix the issue of my 5000nex. The unit keep trying to load the software (sorry i'm new into this), this unit came to be 2 days ago in that state and i will really like to put it back to work. I can't tell you what happen before on it, i don't know if it because the previous owner tried to update the firmware or something else. by reading lots of post i found out that inside the unit there is a SD card, so i'm guessing i will need a new card or at least upgrade the software on the card. But so far i couldn't find any clear information on what to do when the unit try to boot all the time? Thank you for people who will take time helping me putting back this unit in a truck