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  1. Go here for CNDV-110MT maps...

    Is there a simpler East ISO to refer to ? This appears to be numerous tar files. I guess I'll make a good cup of coffee and start this. Thanks !
  2. CD audio not playing - no error?

    Bam ! http://avic411.com/index.php?showtopic=13195 Got it ! Thanks guys. Now onto more customization stuff.
  3. CD audio not playing - no error?

    It did in my last install. I had it running in my Acura. It sat on my workbench for a few years and now is installed in my suburban. you get attached to things that cost over $1000 and took me hours of customization to make .. just right. So it used to work, but now it does not. I would immediately say "Oh yeah, it's the laser pickup assembly" but it reads track info and the clock counts up as the song "plays". The song times are accurate too (a 1:03 song takes 1:03 before going onto the next track)
  4. Hey all ! I've done a cursory search of the forum, and haven't found anything that matches this issue. If I missed something, I'm sorry. But here goes: My D3 will read system discs and DVDs with no issue. But when I play an audio CD it will not. It WILL see all track info, the clock will tick down as if it's playing something, and it will switch from track to track. Pause works, volume works and the BEEP will work as well. But there is no CD audio. nothing plays. DVD audio plays just fine, and it will read a NAV disc without an issue. Anyone got any ideas ? I know there is a seperate laser for the CD and the DVD, and I have considered buying the laser and servo (There is actually one for sale on Ebay at this very moment which is a god-send) but it reads track info and scans between tracks. When it does scan tracks it takes it's time too so it's as if CD audio is just muted. And no, it's not muted Multiple discs attempted. Lemme know what you think ! Celerity