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  1. USB Cable for x930bt/x9310bt

    looking for just a usb cable...i dont need the CDP1425 USB/Mini Jack Extension Cable (specifically the mini jack) is there a cable that will work? TIA!
  2. Hope to see an answer on this as I will be purchasing a cam soon.
  3. AVIC-U260

  4. AVIC-U260 Test Mode

    Anyone know how to boot the U260 into test mode?
  5. U260: Addresses Incorrect

    Hey there, I was wondering if you could help me out with my U260? I picked up a used one without an SD Card. What software does the unit run? I went to Pioneer Support and like you got no help. Any information you could give me would be appreciated! Thanks! Mike
  6. Where is everyone?

    Relatively new and looking for some help/guidance!
  7. Pioneer AVIC-U260 Maps

    New to mobile nav... Please forgive me if this has been answered... I just picked up a used nav unit and it does not have the sd card with maps on it. Where/how do I get this? Thanks!