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  1. new 8200NEX - no sound using RCA

    No. The yellow/black mute wire is left alone. Nothing connected to it.
  2. Hi everyone, new to the forum. I just bought a AVIC-8200nex to switch out my old kenwood headunit on my toyota supra. I have an aftermarket amplifier using RCA cables to the unit which works fine with my old kenwood. I got the harness all set up, plugged in the rca wires to the amplifier and I'm not getting any audio. I though maybe it was a cable or amplifier issue so I bought the 8200nex into the house. I hooked up a 12 volt dc power source and connected it to my home speaker via rca cables and put in a cd and still no sound. Anyone have similar issue or a quick fix or do you guys think i got a bad unit? seems like everything else is working on the unit. any info is appreciated.