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  1. AVH-3300NEX Album Art Not Displaying

    I do have one USB input on the back of the deck. However, I don't believe I have an option to select the USB as a source. If I could use an SSD drive as a source, that would be great!
  2. AVH-3300NEX Album Art Not Displaying

    Here's a follow-up after talking to Pioneer. Apparently, the album art only shows up when using Android Auto via USB cable. I have a feeling this unit is going to possess quite the learning curve.
  3. I'm hoping I'm just doing something wrong and this isn't a shortcoming of the AVH-3300 for what this beast costs. So, I spend the better part of several hours making sure 6800+ mp3s had each file's appropriate album art tagged. However, when I stream from my Galaxy Note 4 SD card via Bluetooth to the 3300, all I get is the standard Bluetooth/cellphone icon displayed...very disappointing. Each tagged art is no more than 200x200 and 15k in size. Can someone tell me if it's something I'm doing/not doing, or if this isn't a feature for the 3300? Thanks in advance! Kevin