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  1. Yeah? Care to elaborate on how to delete this file? My X850BT has the enter password keys all grey (AKA disabled) and no amount of emergency brake signal manipulation matters. It is not a hardware issue and I am an engineer with 34 years in electronic systems. I can get "testmode" up but it has limited utility. I cannot find a utility that enables me to delete or copy anything. I am trying to decide to drop the unit in a dumpster or send it in. I don't give up easily but it is not hardware and it worked up until the last battery change in my truck. I even know the password. It is not a password issue, it is a software inhibit issue... Hackmode doesn't work.
  2. As an engineer, I found this really cool. I could rattle around in the guts of the system. I have always found my AVIC-X850BT really unintuitive to operate. I forgot my password, it works. I cannot believe they store it as a simple plain text password but thank goodness they did.