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  1. How to reset password on AVIC-X950BH?

    Thread can be locked. Was able to recover the password following the instructions on this thread. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/37025-how-to-retrieve-your-avic-x850bts-forgotten-password/ Step 1, ,4, & 5 only.
  2. So long story short, bought a car with a pioneer x950bh and the battery was replaced. After the battery was replaced, the pioneer unit started asking for a password. Called the dealership and they pretty much told me they didn't know jack about a password... told me to contact chrysler or something. So, found this forum and tried the password script by RonS but as stated in the thread, it doesn't work for the 950. Is a password removal or reset possible on the 950bh at this time?