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  1. Rear Channels are barely audible

    Apparently the 4200 does not have Network Mode. Any other ideas?
  2. Rear Channels are barely audible

    I don't know. Didn't know there was such a mode. I'll check. Thanks.
  3. I have an Pioneer AVH 4200NEX that I have configured as follows: Front Pre Out into my Power amp Front Inputs Sub Pre Out into my Power amp Sub Inputs Rear speaker level out from NEX connected directly to my rear speakers. I have the NEX set to ON for Rear Speakers ON/OFF selection. My rear speakers are barely audible in this setup. Is there some other setting on the NEX that needs to be set in order for these rear speakers to play at a reasonable volume? I understand that the Pre Outs to a power amp for the fronts is obviously going to produce more volume, but I expected to have a reasonable amount of volume from the rears. Even if I "Fade" the balance all the way to the rears, they are still barely audible and if I crank up the rears with the balance all the way to the rears, I get a bit more volume but it starts to distort more than I would expect. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Video plays...sometimes. 4200NEX

    I just realized what a TR1 is. I tried something similar but it did not work. My understanding is that that type of bypass works by making the head unit think the parking brake is engaged when it is not. My HU does not work whether or not if the parking brake is engaged (When it is not working, but as I stated in my OP, sometimes it does work and sometimes it does not).
  5. Background JPEG Slideshow?

    Is there a way to play a "Slideshow" with jpegs from an SD card on a 4200NX or do I need to manually change the photo for the background photo? Thanks in advance.
  6. Video plays...sometimes. 4200NEX

    I don't know what that means. TR1?
  7. Hi, I have recently installed a 4200NEX into my 2013 Ford Fusion. It required purchasing and installing a Metra Turbo Kit that interfaces the car to the HU. My issue is, when I attempt to play a DVD, sometimes I get the video and sometimes I do not, regardless of my parking brake being engaged or the transmission being in or out of "PARK". (I always get audio) What I do get onscreen is the "Startup Warning" with a grayed out "OK" button. What makes it hard to diagnose any problem is when something works sometimes and not others, when no known changes have been made. I have checked the wiring and nothing seems to be loose or connected incorrectly. All other functions seem to work as they should, including the backup camera. If it were wired incorrectly, it seems it would never work, but that is not the case. It kinda seems like if I do things in a certain order, it works, but not if I do things in a different order. Haven't been able to pinpoint what order though and that's just a guess. Any suggestions to a fix is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.