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  1. I see someone else posted about the iOS 11.2.5 update on their iPhone breaking CarPlay on their 8000NEX. Wanted to reply to that thread but it’s saying that thread has been archived and can’t be replied to. I’m running into the same issue with my 4000NEX head unit. Since updating my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 11.2.5 last week, CarPlay has been rendered unusable. When trying to connect to CarPlay, it’ll either refuse connection with my 4000NEX displaying an iPod 02-60 error. Or will get into CarPlay successfully but drop the connection after a minute or two. This issue only started happening after the iOS 11.2.5 update. I’ve read on other websites iOS 11.2.5 has broken CarPlay on other radios besides Pioneer. I hope Apple gets this fixed soon!