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    Tried it found nothing google/search button failed.

    Its 2019 I bought this AVH-P5000DVD for my moms car for 2005 Hyundai Elantra GT. Yes I bought used in working condition..or so I thought. I needed a new harness the bypass usb extension aux cables and the remote. I even bought a IP BUS Bluetooth adapter. I ran into this problem right now. I've installed a bunch Pioneer head units in the passed in my 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX has my AVH-X7700BT amazing piece of tech!!!, with backup cam and navigation for a 1997 shes very modern. Anyways with the AVH-P5000DVD I've tried everything at 1st I thought i installed improperly too so cut and removed everything and reinstalled it same problem. I tired with relay...same prob!!! I grounded the light green cable...no change. I even tried to hook it up to the ebrake same Effin thing.I'm literally out of ideas. I messaged Pioneer about this of there was service manual and there was I downloaded it read to see if I can find service menus and nothing. Just the screen recalibration which is hard to get too...no I'm just pissed off I wish I knew this problem before I spent 120 off ebay after they said it worked fine. No i cant return it. It's been over 90 days for ebay to do anything. PayPal has it at 180 days...same thing only reason it toke this long was all the stuff I needed to get the AVH-P5000DVD up and running 100% Radio FM/AM works IP bus bluetooth adapter, CDs work, usb music works, videos on the memory card DVDs AV VIDEO TV it all shows up with audio but no Video. Imma try a toggle I think it isnt gonna work. If anyone has any ideas please I'm open to anything I hate giving up. https://youtu.be/FMhnM7F_K6Q
  3. avh-p5000dvd background changes?

    For the background pics it's just the ones they are preinstalled with, no way to put new ones As for the amp thing...what??? Just install a regular amp for the subwoofer from the remote blue wire in the harness...
  4. Avh 7700 bt

    Im on the same boat, id like some sort of root or hack for this 7700bt too. I barely updated mine yesterday and thats the idea came to me
  5. F220 in X7700BT Problems

    Have you tried to update the unit???