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  1. Bluetooth mic not working

    Brand new install of the AVH-1330NEX and I can't get the microphone to work. Incoming or outgoing calls makes no difference. iOS or Android makes no difference. Is there a way to test the microphone without having to take it all back out again? It's connected above the rearview mirror and through the dash so it's going to be a PITA to get it out and have to redo it. Thanks Mike
  2. Installed a shiny new AVH-1330NEX into my 04 Grand Prix GT and thought everything was grand. Come to find out that parking brake switch wire is necessary just to access Bluetooth functions. Is there a simple method to avoid having to crawl under the dash and run that wire all the way across the vehicle to the foot operated parking brake? I don't care about watching videos I just want to pair my phone and my kids phones for BT audio and handsfree communicating.
  3. Just installed a nice new AVH-1330NEX and I really like it. Or I thought I did until I found out that Bluetooth isn't accessible unless I hook up the stupid parking brake wire which is a total PITA on my car. I bought the deck for the HD radio and the Bluetooth features not to watch videos. I don't give a crap about watching videos in the car. By what logic does Pioneer require you to be parked to use Bluetooth? I'm pretty sure the whole point of the Bluetooth handsfree idea is to enable accepting phone calls and talking without having to handle the phone. Kind of a useless feature if you need to be PARKED.