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  1. @ Topchaca did you uese hack ? because if you not put sd card with hack before update maps then you have situation like your screenshot !
  2. i think so...but you can also put hack again if it no starts without hack
  3. @maunav90 try with this password: 11111111111111111 until you can not digit an other 1 , then press OK .. and look to your private message ! @brommie download Godzilla link about maps and put into any sd 8gb , then you must replace the file cardinfo ...with cardinfo file that you can find into 2017 maps for pioneer avic my2009/10 devices. then put hack into an other sd ( 1,2,8gb as you want) ...so look my guide and do it ..take it easy !
  4. Hi, no not change cardinfo file ... download maps by godzilla link and put them into any sd card ..don't change any file . cardinfo must be changed only in this avic: - AVIC-F10BT- AVIC-F20BT- AVIC-F920BT- AVIC-F9210BT- AVIC-F9220BT
  5. for @INTRANETTEN and for Dutch, Belgian,Luxembourg friends download the speedcam in the attachment, then open it with 7.zip format a sd card into FAT32 and then put inside the PC folder turn on Pioneer radio and start navigation , wait 1 minutes and then insert sd card with PC folder inside , so you can see on display that there is a new database to install ...do it and you'll have speedcam update to 2020 ! ABOUT TTS voices , put VOICE folder into a sd card then update your TTS VOICES looking my guide. BELGIUM HOLLAND LUXEMBOURG.7z
  6. i used my maps , i had this map since sectember 2019 ! ...the maps are the same godzilla posted i think ! procedure is the same as 2017 maps .... istruction are like i told you .... it was tested n everykind my 2010 and my 2011 pioneer devices ! for my 2011 use the maps posted by Godzilla (original maps) ..to update use 2 sd card , one for hack other for maps for my 2010 use the maps posted by Godzilla (original maps but i changed CARDINFO file with 2017 maps for device: my2009/10) ..to update use 2 sd card , one for hack other for maps that's all ..easy to do and per
  7. maybe members need also some info to update their pioneer ?! for my2011 use the maps posted by godzilla and the haker that you can find here in this site ...and look to my guide ! for my2010 use same maps posted by godzilla but you must change CARDINFO file with cardinfo takken from 2017 maps for my2010 and i also used the other haker (password is every character you want until the end you can digit !) do like this and you will not have problems
  8. I want to give all members who want to update their pioneer a small gift! i used sd1 2gb card and i put inside: haker,voices and speedcam i used sd2 8gb and i put inside the new maps tested and works in every pioneer my2011 (i mean tested on every model !) also i tested into every pioneer model my2010 , must change only CARDINFO file , thst's all ! Update Pioneer Avic series MY2011 ENGLISH.pdf
  9. Hi good , but the card will arrive with express currier and not with normal post and they give you a traking number , so you can show it to the members as your words are true , because also with covid-19 the delivery are no so long ! hope you will stay well and that you are on true...see you and excuse me...bye bye
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