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  1. X930bt stay stuck in splash screen

    My apologies, what I meant to say was I found the shortfuse hack post but the actual WinZip file that's supposed to be attached didn't work, I was wondering to see if you could send the link for that for me to download?
  2. X930bt stay stuck in splash screen

    Okay, I did that but I'm having a hard time trying to find the short fuse hack file, is there any way you can send me a link to it? It would be so much easier.
  3. X930bt stay stuck in splash screen

    i tried to install firmware 3.002 but it wouldn't work, all i keep getting is the splash screen.
  4. X930bt stay stuck in splash screen

    I tried test mode but im not too clear on how to navigate thru it, can you show me?
  5. Hello, I have a huge issue, I have a Avic x930bt, it happened out of the clear blue I started my car up and it wouldn't boot up. All I would get is the Pioneer splash screen and it stays there, I tried to download the update for the firmware and put it in but it did not work. Now I am trying to just go back to the original 3.00 firmware but I don't know how to get it and reinstall it so it can work again. Does anyone have any ideas on how this works and can help? Very much appreciate it skip.