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  1. SWC on 8200NEX

    I have recently installed a 8200 NEX in a 2015 WRX with a Mastero SS SWC module. I flashed the Mastero module with my car info and HU (8200NEX) and set the SWC using my PC. Vol up/down works fine Preset up/down works fine Module button works fine moving between sources iDataLik works fine as well as push and hold functions However, none of the phone buttons actively work, Voice, phone pickup / hang up I have been working with Mastero to identify a problem but they are saying it is wired correctly. Is there a specific setting withing the 8200 that I need to set to get the phone buttons to communicate with my phone and HU? I am using Android and can make calls from the HU manually but not using the SWC. Any advice would be helpful.