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  1. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Any updates on this? Considering trying to see if I can get this unit swapped with another one, given that I got it installed at a Best Buy and got the protection plan. Unit is starting to crash semi-frequently (maybe once every other day or so) whenever I have CarPlay enabled -- seems to happen mostly when I'm using Waze -- so I might see if they'll swap to another Pioneer, maybe even one without built-in navigation, considering I've been using Waze and Google Maps since my traffic stopped working.
  2. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    What a nightmare! I appreciate the updates. FYI, if you haven't heard already, iOS 12 provides CarPlay support for Waze and Google Maps, so I'm using those two in the meantime. However, as a paying customer, I still want this to be fixed for future use!
  3. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Hey @MostlyPepper! Sorry -- don't think I was subscribed to this thread, but I am now. Glad you made some progress, even though it doesn't seem like Pioneer has been. What method of contact did you use to reach out to Pioneer Support? I can try to reach out the same way to add some pressure. Maybe it'll help move things along the more complaints they have?
  4. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Are you using iOS -- if so, how did you go about updating your app? I didn't see an available update in the App Store. Thanks for the updates. I have a feeling the issue may be due to the license not being recognized properly -- I noticed that I see the "waves" that usually show up before the traffic icon used to turn white, but it tells me "Subscription Expired" and then changes to the yellow "x" icon, and I have feeling this might be due to the trial subscriptions expiring. I have a 1-year subscription to traffic, so maybe it's just not checking/recognizing it after it sees the trials have expired? Hoping your license folder inspection provides some insight...
  5. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Just spotted your Sox avatar — maybe this is a Chicagoland problem? Lol
  6. Hello, I purchased the Live HD Traffic: USA and Canada - 1 year subscription a few months ago and it's been working fine -- got back from vacation Monday (didn't use the app or connect it to any other NEX head units or anything like that while on vacation) and found out as I was heading to work that the traffic service was no longer working on the my iPhone 6S. I deleted the content, then restored the purchase, and it worked for that one trip, but then failed to work again. I've deleted the content and restored the purchase at least a half dozen more times, but all attempt to do so still don't restore the service -- still getting the icon greyed out cars with the yellow "x." Any advice on how to get this working again?
  7. Hey everyone, I just got a new AVIC-5201NEX unit put in my 2009 VW Jetta yesterday at a local Best Buy and haven't been able to get AppRadio Mode to work. CarPlay seems to work just fine when I connect my iPhone 6S via Lightning cable to the USB extension. I'm aware that there was an issue with phones that have been upgraded to iOS 11 and I'm admittedly on iOS 11.3, but I figured Pioneer might've fixed the issue, since I didn't see my model listed on the incompatibility list (https://pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/AppRadioMode). I am using an Apple MFI Certified Lightning cable (I think it's even the one that came with my iPhone or iPad Air), so the only thing I can think of that could be contributing to the problem is this aftermarket USB PassThrough kit I had installed at the same time as the head unit, which I have connected to USB port 1 on the back of the AVIC-5201NEX: https://www.doubleapex.co/products/usb_passthrough_usb01. However, in the reviews, there was someone who reported it working properly with the 4000NEX (although I'm not sure if "working" included AppRadio Mode functionality). Can anyone provide any input on compatibility with AppRadio Mode with this setup or any suggestions regarding settings -- either on the head unit, itself, or my iPhone -- which might allow AppRadio Mode to work? Thanks in advance for any help!