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  1. Upgraded from a X710bt to a x920bt in an older Miata that has a power antenna. The 710 unit used a blue wire for antenna control and in the settings you could select whether the antenna was controlled by regular power or when the radio function is in use. The 920 has a blue/white wire for power that simply powers on when the key is switched to on or accessory. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to re-gain the function of controlling the antenna by selecting radio as the source audio? I use the radio less than half the time and those power antennas are hard to find and expensive so I only want to activate it when I need it.
  2. Decided it was time to upgrade firmware (3.0) and maps (2.xxx). Followed a youtube on this process and everything went swell until testmode_v2.3 started copying the device's files/folders onto the 16gb sd card. About a minute into the copy process I get an error message that says cannot copy 'ucominitcomm\' : access is denied I tried different sd cards, different sources for testmode_v2.3 and even different rar utilities, they all end at the same screen. The resulting SD card has 13 of the 18 files/folders from the pioneer source drive. Any suggestions on how to get past this obastacle? Thanks in advance.