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  1. AVIC8000 Bluetooth call volume bug

    I never used car play is there updates Bluetooth firmware I can download anywhere
  2. AVIC8000 Bluetooth call volume bug

    I upgraded to fw1.15 and it didn’t fix anything
  3. AVIC8000 Bluetooth call volume bug

    I have an iPhone 7 with iOS11.4 and an avic8000 with firmware 1.15 i havent updated since 1.04 and before updating recently I was on a Bluetooth call where the call audio broke up and started to sound “digital” or robotic. Ended call and wasn’t able to get normal BT volume so I upgraded to firmware 1.15 and updated my phone software and still same issue music, maps, email alerts - any type of Bluetooth transmission EXCEPT a phone call is working st correct volume. Phone volue is definitely up. I’ve noticed a few threads with this issue popping up. Thank you
  4. No Sound

    I have the same issue on an AVIC8000NEX