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  1. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Snip the speed sense wire you dont need it anyway, plus after the latest update the magic corner works great, but after u snip the speed sense wire, hook up the micro bypass amd u will have video in motion… i have the same exact radio in my ram
  2. Video bypass for a AVH-W4400NEX

    Yes, do the update, after you’ve installed the firmware update, do the avic bypass trick, then install a micro bypass, from amazon. The $13 one, and boom you will have video in motion on the w4400nex.
  3. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    Yes i found that out, i hooked up the micro bypass too, just in case, all is well vid in motion and my navi works fine.
  4. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    did u end up completing the bypass process?
  5. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    I don’t kno what happened, but I took my truck back to the audio guys at my local shop, and complained, Because I initially paid for the bypass, and it wasn’t working, but after they took my truck for about 20-30 minutes, and gave it back, I can watch videos and use wireless and have full capabilities while in motion. UPDATE..... I am still able to have video in motion, but wen i use my apple navi via carplay, sometimes it run normal, and sometimes the triangle/arrow that represents me moving on the road, faces sideways and messes up my auto re-route..... anyone that was able to do the bypass have this issue? UPDATE# 2 A few after my first update, to this text I installed the micro bypass and updated to 1.0.1, and haven’t had any issue as of yet
  6. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    Im having the same issue, and this really sucks, I like the wireless feature on the 4400nex but if I would of known this before hand, I would of gotten the 4200nex model, But anyway if anyone knows a work around, please share with us, Thnx