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  1. How to hack DVD nav

    french : salut, update du topic , regarde le premier post English : Hello
  2. Disassemble*.PRG files on DVD

    Call Pioneer... Pioneer don't want to listen anything about problem for EU customers who's buy AVIC from USA... They can just put on there website update for AVIC US to AVIC EU, but they don't and I don't now why... Pioneer loss lot of EU client with this problem (I will never buy Pioneer equipement).
  3. Disassemble*.PRG files on DVD

    Thank you for your response they helpe me a lot .... Just one post talk about this and not for D3, it not probleme for my region or not , it is just I way to understand for EU and US customers how D3 work.
  4. Disassemble*.PRG files on DVD

    Hello, I need to hack some files DVD nav , you can see on DVD nav some *.PRG files, they are application files on DVD for AVIC. If you can disassemble this files we can mod somes infos like DVD regions. Do you know what processor used by Avic-D3? (need for disassemble) I see on other topic it is NEC 78K derivative for D1??? Please help thank you
  5. Hello, New forum was born : http://pioneerhack.forumactif.ws/ The goal it is not to make a competition with AVIC411 Forum (simply impossible) but to solve little bit problem for french and EU users with AVIC buyed from USA. Please if you are French or EU user please visit and post. Thank you.
  6. re, I try external dvd player on AV1 input, picture appear trouble 5sec and after all are ok. A cant chose EXT on AV2 and EXT-1, EXT-2 don't appea on AV source. Please help.
  7. Hi all, I buy 2 rear camera on ebay (one big and one small circle cam); I try the big camera on rear input with blue 12v cable (for amplifier, from AVIC). The camera work perfect but I remove it because it is so big. One week after, when i received the small camera, I installed it on rear with 12v form the car and cable Input rear from AVIC. Image appear but so trouble (like PAL NTSC incompatibility). What problem? Can I change PAL NTSC option on avic? I retry the big camera but same matter?????? I verify power polarity, it correct. I remove long RCA cable and I try directly on avic but same. 2 Camera work perfectly on TV. The only small difference between the old and the new installation is the power cable.
  8. How to hack DVD nav

    News: DATAWEST has developped software to editing KIWI file : http://www.datawest.co.jp/en/navi02.html Anyone have it? new link about hack kiwi files : http://forums.corvetteforum.com/showthr ... 336&page=9 http://forums.corvetteforum.com/showthr ... 36&page=20 http://mimori.org/~h/kiwi/ all i found about kiwi file : http://prius.adnmultiware.com/KIWI.zip hacker please help
  9. How to hack DVD nav

    Hi all, I buy from ebay AVIC-D3 from USA and I live in France. I hack europe map for avic US like this : 1- Copy 2 files EU070APL.PRG and EU070APL.HTM from your US DVD to PC 2- Download and open (ultraiso) image of CNDV-70D europe DVD for Avic Europe. 3- Add the 2 files to CNDV-70D image with ultraiso. 4- Rename CNDV-70D image to "CPJ1184_1_A" with ultraiso 5- Burn in to DVD-R DL 6- Reset your Avic, put the DVD, wait 30 sec and Enjoy... This hacked copy don't work perfectly and I need some help from an disassembler man to hack source code, please see : http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14124 Now I want to mod some informations on the DVD map (like add POI's) , Can someone help me? The stucture on dvd like Denso map with KWI files, so if we can decompile KWI files we can modify some informations on DVD. I found some link: http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/showt ... p?t=145697 http://ian.blenke.com/projects/densonav ... ohack.html http://sourceforge.krugle.com/kse/projects/Nhezc0M PS: sorry for my bad english.