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  1. Guess this unit is just too old for all the gurus around here?
  2. Hello all, Hope there is a helpful soul out there that can shed some light on what is going on with my Wife's Pioneer F7010BT. Everything was going great and then she got this blank screen after the starting splash screen. If I cant fix it, I will be a sad individual indeed. I already got the system to boot back up by removing the battery from the car for 5 minutes, however it only started back up for one car restart and by the time I took my beautiful wife out to see my super awesome work, it was right back to the black screen (making me look very silly indeed) I have seen quite a few mentions of a "Boot loop" but I never see anything looping, just black. The unit has never been upgraded since its original shipping out back in 2006 so I guess its highly likely the darn thing has gone corrupt. However its so old that finding replacement files has also become an arduous task. If anyone has an idea of how to get the old thing up and running again it would be very appreciated!