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  1. Avic-F960dab password.

    I bought a used F960DAB today from a garage, was a real steal, but the guy selling it told me the password was lost. I took the gamble and bought it anyway (only 40 euro's including the cable for the power). This afternoon I already downloaded the code and put in on a usb-disk, powered the unit on while I had it on my bench, there was the password request, put the USB drive in, HEY PRESTO! The thing went into test mode after a couple of seconds, factory reset, DONE! Luckily I've currently got a F900BT installed and I can re-use the GPS antenna so that is a big plus for me, also looking forward to streaming bluetooth music again, god I missed that a lot. Does anyone know if I can just plug in my stock (electrical) antenna? I drive a '99 Volvo C70 so FM was kinda the thing back then haha. I've never owned a DAB radio before and read some some conflicting info about the DAB antenna's so I wondered if my old antenna is just plug and play. Many thanks for the upload you're a big help much appreciated!!