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  1. I've seen several posts regarding the bypass to enable video while driving, none really answer my question. I guess my goal is to be able to have video playing while in motion but ONLY on the rear monitor. I frequently have my 4 year old in the backseat and have the headrest monitor playing a video from a DVD or the SD card. In my Jeep, I have the 4200 HU with the bypass installed so I can play video on the rear screen. I tried using the wired Android Auto and CarPlay but you cannot control the rear output source and it simply mirrors the HU. I just got the 4400 and was wondering the following: 1) if you don't put in a bypass and connect GPS and the speed sensor wire, can you still play video in motion as long as it's just the rear screen? 2) Can you set separate rear video source while using wireless AA/CP? 3) if I install a bypass and leave the GPS/VSS disconnected, can I still use wireless AA/CP and have video in motion as long as I'm not using a GPS based app like Google maps? I've read that the unit will actually check your phone's GPS signal for motion in conjunction with the parking brake sensor, even with the HU's VSS and GPS unplugged. Can anyone help answer my questions? Also open to other suggestions. Really all I want is wireless AA/CP with the ability to play video in motion ONLY on the rear monitor output. Thanks in advance!
  2. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    All I'm really concerned with us to play video on the rear monitor out so the kids can watch a movie in the back seat. Has anyone verified if the dual output will output video when if driving? Subscribing to hopefully find an answer.